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Immoline AG was founded in 1985 as a vehicle to protect and preserve wealth worldwide. Headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, Immoline AG has remained at the forefront of corporate wealth management and asset growth from over two decades. Although the focus has always been preservation, Immoline AG has spent years perfecting its ability to stay ahead of the changing world economy. This ability has led to growth patterns that very few corporations in the world can match.

In the beginning, Immoline AG was organized for the purpose of, and acted in an asset management role. With its clients realizing profits from multiple directions, Immoline AG knew it had an opportunity to sustain growth through investments into markets that had yet to be introduced into the mainstream investment world. This positioning yielded unparallel return. Once Immoline AG had reached a preset level of wealth an additional stream of revenue became a new possibility.

Immoline AG evaluated its current list of clients and their fields and determined that the commodity market held a good opportunity for expansion. In the last decade, Immoline has purchased interest in the companies viewed to be at the forefront of their perspective industries. With interest in the largest banks in the world, the acquisition of private sector businesses was a natural fit. Most recently, the assimilation of Oil Traders LLC and M&A Traders LLC through Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and Credit Suisse Group have expanded our presence into the United States’ development & fuel markets.